We need to set our priorities straight.

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Top-level topics that are most important.

Better controls

Picking up items

We can do it first to warm up again to the game’s architecture. We’ll need to deploy a new version for this so maybe a simple separate function in upload_artifact will do.


Map format


Choice of the text serialization format matters ONLY INSOFAR AS STORING ON HDD/VERSIONING IS CONCERNED. Look - even if you have two separate data formats: a) One for the map scheme from which the proper binary is built; b) and the low-level binary one that is understood by cosmos.cpp

And you need to send a) - you can always send the in-memory binary representation. The game will then safely be able to convert it back to yaml for its own purpose.

Therefore saving to/loading from yaml will be only relevant when saving maps that are easily versioned.

Preserving compatibility

Our main issue with storing the maps binary was that any change in the binary structure would break them. This is why a) We will have a separate generator format from which the proper binary maps will be generated in runtime b) We will store the map files TEXTUALLY (in yaml probably) to be able to easily convert the maps Being able to nicely version the maps is a plus.

We will always ask the user if they want to convert the map to the higher version, if a new version of the game is detected.

We might need incremental update procedures. Perhaps we won’t do this with just a simple find/replace (or it might affect the string), but with some yaml node traversal logic so that only keys are affected.

  • Anyways, this is for later! Once we actually have lots of community maps.