Storyline considerations

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  • Atlantis could be considered the most virtuous, but has dirty past
    • Originally founded by mercenaries looking for an alternative between Metropolis and Resistance
    • The mercenaries would only accept defense missions, in particular, they’d reject assassinations
  • Mechanics of reincarnation
    • There is a non-zero chance to be reborn in an inferior universe (like ours) after death in Somnia-superior
      • Considered a tragedy in Somnia-superior my the majority of individuals; not all, though
    • Even if connecting to an inferior universe, one cannot predict their birth
      • Some probabilities can be calculated, though
    • The information about the inferior universe can only be comprehended by living inside it
      • Leading to necessity to immerse in these simulations with some kind of missions
    • Tulpas
      • Are actual beings reborn in one’s consciousness, without a physical body
      • One can thus intentionally let some being be born in one’s own mind, and shelter it
      • The mechanism behind it is not known, but if the host and the tulpa have an immense bond and are both advanced meditators, it’s highly probable that they are later reborn as a pair of a host and tulpa - sometimes with roles reversed
  • Draft: An Orator born in Metropolis that wishes to change it for the better
    • “We will make this city so orderly that even the enlightened beings from Atlantis might choose to spend their last lifetime here in peace.”
  • Draft: Origins of Metropolis experiments
    • Wanting to know the mechanism behind reincarnations
    • Some credible antagonist who’s been through many negative births
  • Draft: the tulpa reunion
    • Recalling past lives together?