A function is called systematic if it operates on a message queue or if it operates on all entities in the cosmos that match a certain criterion.

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Systematic functions are high-level calls that solve an abstract problem.
Care should be taken to name them so that there is little to no doubt what kind of problem that is.

Ideally, a systematic function should only be concerned with iteration and offload the more complex stuff to another source file, where other systematic functions are free to reuse that logic.
For example, a function that is concerned with detonatable entities - demolitions_system::detonate_fuses - ignites explosions using src/game/detail/standard_explosion.h, a header used in some other domains as well.

Common types of systematic functions

  • Iterates through a message queue and produces side effects.
    • For example, iterates through intents and sets relevant flags.
  • Iterates through a message queue and generates messages to another queue.
    • For example, one that adds the children entities of deleted entities into the deletion queue.

  • Iterates through a processing list and produces side effects.
    • For example, one that iterates through all entities having a sentience and regenerates their health points, PE and CP.


Other examples

  • gun_system::launch_shots_due_to_pressed_triggers
  • sentience_system::apply_damage_and_generate_health_events
  • sound_system::update_sound_properties