THIS IS A ZERO-PRIORITY LIST of what is currently wrong with the legacy editor. Note that the legacy editor will only be used by the developer for skinning new character animations at most, or perhaps for debugging.

Edit me
  • fix confusing undo behaviour when duplicating entities

  • Instead of opening up the file browser, make a visual-studio-like dialog where you simply choose the project name and by default it will show the community arenas location, only then you can press “Browse” to change location

  • make it clear that a test mode is running, not a bomb mode
  • clicking the same spot cycles through all selectable entities in this spot

  • let windows be open without changes after importing
  • particle delete command does not show message
  • if duplicate names in project, the button just does not work in asset file choice dialog
  • reload changed sounds too

  • Do something about reimporting those rulesets

  • fix randomly losing the controlled character
    • turn it off by default and remap
  • Maybe warn about animations with same names or automatically add suffixes
    • THink about if it’s even necessary apart from specifying the official content because then it doesnt make sense
  • Deleting flavour crash
    • can it really let delete a flavour even if it is used?